Hi! Welcome to unfolding lovely eats. I’m Stephanie, the food maker around here. I specialize in comfort food that makes people I love feel all hugged up from the inside. My dog, Haze, sits at the edge of my kitchen, on guard for any food that might try to run away. This is technically my second food blog, and I think the timing is better this time around.

I’m a born and bred Detroiter, who lives in the Dallas area of TX, by way of a 10 year stint in northern VA and the rolling hills of WV. I’ve always liked to cook, but in 2005 I became sick with something no one could figure out and changing the way I consumed food became more important than ever.

I hope to use this space to share recipes I’ve found along the way or created with my own hands or some mixture of the two, tricks and techniques, and just some good fun.

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